Do Not Know How to Get Additional Funding into Your Budget? The Solution Is Mysterium Network

Thanks to technological advances and the newly-developed blockchain projects, Internet users across the continent have the chance to participate in shared projects to get funding from these global projects.

Last year, there was Steemit, a social network where users are rewarded for adding content and sharing information with others. Unlike Facebook, where its users create content and share it with each other but they do not get any financial rewards. In the past, Boinc was a very popular project where users could provide their computing power to solve complicated math operations or to search for space life, but even in this case, users of the network did not receive any financial compensation for their connection to projects. Steemit showed that there was another way.

Recently, a team of developers came up with Mysterium network which is based on the collaboration of users who will be connected to the newly created VPN network.

Nowadays, there are many VPN clients. There are both free versions, which are pretty limited, and paid versions which range from 3-10 dollars a month. The Mysterium network team creates a decentralised VPN network where VPN charges will be distributed among users who will provide their bandwidth network. The basic idea is therefore to provide this service without intermediaries.

The big advantage here is that the performance of the CPU or graphics card (for mining) does not matter. This opens up opportunities for a wide range of people to participate in this network and be rewarded for it.

Another benefit is that although we can now choose from many VPN clients, a decentralised VPN network will always be trustworthy. 

When connecting via a VPN our data is encrypted and this encrypted data is sent to the destination server (owned by a VPN provider). When on the server our data is decrypted and then re-encrypted and sent to the final destination. Therefore; no-one can access the data other than the VPN provider. 

Therefore, there is still a safety risk that data may be leaked. On the other hand, this security gap is resolved in the Mysterium network and no third party obtains our sensitive data.

Another positive is the speed. The Mysterium network is designed to avoid slowing data transmissions which we see when using standard VPN clients.

Another positive thing about the project is that some people who want to be a part of the network but have not yet thought about the benefits of VPNs, are getting more information from community members about how to protect their personal data and defend themselves against cyber attacks.

This project was accepted warmly within the community of blockchains and smart contracts. This also manifested itself when investors provided developers with enough financial resources to implement their project.

Recently, team members have been working hard and they have even stopped responding on social media where users are asking questions on news regarding the project. The team have promised to hold a public internet discussion with the community.

Due to the recent expansion of their team, they are expecting hot news and the price has begun to grow with the support of high volumes. The price could go to levels where it was last in mid-June at the level of 0.0009 Myst / Btc